Top secrets of Safe Sex

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Sex is the most desirable and popular pleasure in the world. It is confirmed by a statistic. People prefer sex over the tasty food, walking in interesting places, computer games, concerts, cinema, and other entertainments. We cannot underestimate the role of sex in our lives. People around the world discover different sex techniques that make this process even more enjoyable.

Sex is not a school class, it has no schedule, very often it happens unexpectedly, but you have to teach yourself and your partner to have a safe sex.

After reading the following tips, you don’t have to worry about getting some disease or unwanted pregnancy, or any other unpleasant symptoms.

How to reduce your risk of STI

  • Firstly, practice some activities that don’t engage in exchanging fluid. Cuddling in bed, hugs, erotic massage or even masturbating your genital area in front of each other. You never know how turned on your partner may be just looking at you.
  • Learn about your partner. People who have sex should trust each other, as they are responsible for their health. That’s why don’t be shy to explore your partner genital. Search for some changes in the genital area or unusual smell.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t use drugs as it will reduce your sexual activity and you won’t be able to make a reasonable decision. Of course, drinking one glass of wine won’t hurt anybody, if it is the way that helps you to relax, it’s okay, but be careful with combining alcohol with sex.
  • Get tested together with your partner for having STIs on a regular basis. Some diseases don’t have any symptoms at first so you can transmit STI without even suspecting it.
  • Some couples make their sex life more interesting by using sex toys. Very few know that these toys can be the source of bacteria. If you are one of toy addict, don’t forget to sterilize them before every time you have sex. And my advice, don’t share it with the friends, it’s a pretty personal thing.
  • Do the necessary vaccinations, and visit regularly your gynecologist.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner

You may ask what has to do conversation with the sex unless it is dirty language?

Actually, it’s the pre-sex phase, before having a sexual contact with the partner, the good idea would be to ask them the following questions. It will help you to prevent your body from getting STI.

  • Have many sexual partners do you have? or have you had sex with someone else before me?
  • Do you always use condoms or any other type of protection while having sex?
  • Have you ever suffered from an STI?
  • When was the last time you get tested for STI?
  • Do you want to get STI test together?

Don’t forget, that there are still chances that your partner may have STI even when they don’t feel any symptoms.

Is oral sex a part of your sexual life?

There are a lot of people who practice oral sex and it’s a necessary part of their sex activities. While you may think that it’s completely safe, I must warn you right here. Hepatitis A can be easily transmitted via anal or oral sex. That’s doesn’t mean you won’t have oral sex now. There is a special vaccine against it. So, make sure you and your partner took care of it.

How to protect during anal sex?

Some people feel disgusting about anal sex, while the others successfully enjoy having this type of sex. Nevertheless, being aware of some rules it necessary for everybody. Just in case you’ll turn into the other side.

  • First of all, if you feel pain, just stop it.
  • Use some oils to make the process smoother.
  • Always use condoms, and gloves while inserting fingers into anal and do not use the same gloves for vagina and anal. It may cause the high risk of getting STI.
  • Don’t neglect using condoms on anal toys, or wash them every time you switch to oral or vaginal sex.

If you want to be very certain about preventing an STI, don’t exchange any body fluids or blood, and avoid skin and genital contact.

Sometimes we have to take a risk to get the real pleasure, anyway, we should think wisely about our health and make everything we can to protect it.