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6 Countries Around The World That Have Legalized Prostitution

Countries with Legalized Prostitution

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Today, the issue of legal prostitution is among the top questions to discuss. There is no wonder that there are both supporters and opponents of legal prostitution, and yet, despite this, prostitution is already legalized or actually recognized in different countries around the world. What are the reasons for legalization such an amoral «profession»? Let’s uncover the dirtiest details of countries that legally recognized prostitution.

Denmark. Prostitution as the second job

Prostitution in Denmark

In Denmark, a country with a population of 5.5 million people, there are non-standard views on prostitution. Women can be the sex workers, but only if it is not the only source of income for them. That’s why, according to the Danes, there is nothing wrong with prostitution, if this is not a harsh necessity. So it’s okay for Danish prostitutes to be teachers in the daytime, and the scarlet women at night.

Belgium: respectable prostitutes and sophisticated brothels

Prostitution in Belgium

Belgium was one of the first countries where prostitution and brothels began to be treated as a legal job. Brothels here are exquisite, sophisticated and they can play with your imagination in the way you didn’t expect- like, for example, the famous high-tech brothel House of Pleasure. Prostitutes have the same rights as working citizens, including the right to pensions, their safety and health are fully protected by law. Simply put, pay taxes – and have sex with whom you want!

New Zealand: even pimping is legal

Prostitution in New Zealand

In New Zealand, prostitution was approved by the law more than ten years ago. Nowadays, the country is actively building and finalizing the legislative framework that protects both prostitutes and their clients. According to the law, both the prostitutes and the owners of brothels must be at least 18 years old. People with a criminal background are unlikely to be given permission to work in this area. But pimping in New Zealand is quite legal. And although significant groups of citizens still oppose the legalization of prostitution, their train seems to have already gone.

Cyprus: there is no room for law

Prostitution in Cyprus

This civilized European state has been considered as one of the centers of illegal trafficking in people in the region. Sadly, a lot of women, usually from Eastern Europe are being intimidated and forced to work as the prostitutes. So in Cyprus, a conscientious client should think about whether their counterpart works in sex- business willingly.

Chile: unsafe sex

Prostitution in Chile

In Chile prostitution is completely legal – if, of course, we are talking about sex by mutual agreement with an adult woman. Nevertheless, ten years ago the profession of a prostitute was really dangerous. Women suffered from the hands of sadistic clients, and from representatives of organized crime groups who tried to take them under control. In 2009, a whole network of illegal, including violent, involvement of minors in the sex business was discovered in the country. This story stirred up the country: the network of sex traders was destroyed, and the laws were gradually adopted, providing social and physical protection to the prostitutes. So today things are much better than a decade earlier, but the situation is far from ideal.


Prostitution in Germany

Prostitution in Germany has been legalized since 2002. About 400 thousand people are employed in this sphere (not including illegal emigrants from Eastern Europe). Each prostitute pays taxes, brothels also deduct a portion of their profits in the treasury.

There are public houses in every major city, different swinger clubs and so-called “sex cafes”.

The Netherlands

Prostitution in The Netherlands

The Netherlands legalized prostitution in 2000 – and immediately became the center of European sex tourism. There is one note for clients: although the sex ladies must be at least 18 years old, clients are allowed to visit them from the age of 16. Not surprisingly, the Netherlands has become a paradise for European teenagers who want to be as real adults. Sex workers are legally registered and pay taxes, their names are recorded in a special database, and the profession of the prostitute can bring them a good income.

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