Best sex tips for a woman to make your man adore you

Best sex tips for a woman to make your man adore you photo

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‘Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top.’

What are men’s fantasies in bed? What kind of woman do they want to hold in their arms? What sexual desires they are hungry to implement into reality? Let’s take a closer look at the jungle of a man’s imagination.

Myth about Sex Prelude

Prelude is important.

A common myth is that men do not need a prelude; they want to go straight to the “thing.” If you openly talk with your male friends about the topic of intimate life, then you will understand – men also expect the tenderness and warmth of mutual affection, as well as women.

If the environment isn’t special (you do not fly by plane or you do not have parents in the next room), only a few men will want sex without passionate or tender prelude. Men get really turned on faster than women, but that doesn’t mean that you need to act according to the rule “the faster, the better.”

On the contrary, a smart woman knows that gradually turning your man on will make him want you more.

So, keep in mind this rule: pay attention to the prelude. Make it truly unforgettable, full of tactile feelings and positive emotions.

He wants it rough!

We all, probably, think of 50 shades of grey. Yes, ladies, our men love to be dominants in bed. If you want to satisfy his dirtiest fantasies, be prepared to take a role of a submissive. Come up with the character, you may be his naughty girl who deserves to be slapped really hard or a victim who will be punished roughly. Let him tight your hand and do whatever he wants. But, be careful, it is necessary to talk to him about this preference. Some men, who are leaders at work, for example, would love when you take the role of a ‘chief’ in bed. Be able to adjust to his desires and your sex life will incredible.

Oral satisfaction

It will be probably hard to find a man who doesn’t like a blowjob. Study the technique of oral sex, and you will bring your partner the highest level of pleasure. Forget about hands, here you need to work with your mouth, lips, tongue and even teeth. It is important not to hurt your partner, do it slowly, but rhythmically, pay attention to different intimate zones.

Let yourself enjoy the process

Only a few women know that men just adore when they see that their partner truly enjoy the process. It makes them feel more confident, relaxed and turned on. So, if you want to moan, don’t stop yourself. If you want to scream, do it. Your man will love the way he makes you feel.

Leave routine conversation aside

Stop talking in bed. Men do not really like conversations when it comes to sex. Don’t start conversation how was his day, or when you should visit your parents…it will definitely ruin the sex scene. However, whispering dirty words can evoke the new wave of enjoyment and make him feel everything more deeply. Also, do not be afraid to speak if you are uncomfortable or want to change the position. You’re both equal participants of a process, he would be excited to see that you’re really interested in it, and your initiative can cause completely new feelings.

Film a home video

Most men dream of filming a home video. If this idea seems a bit weird to you, there is another option that he’ll probably like. Offer him to have sex in front of a big mirror, or rent a room with a giant bed and ceiling completely made of glass. After having this experience both of you will be glad to do it again. And I bet the idea with the home video would seem like pretty good one now.

Have you ever practiced an extreme sex

The routine sex can make your sex life boring. A lot of men dream of practicing something spicier than just regular sex in bed. There is a plenty of ideas:

  • Quick sex in a public place (park, restaurant toilet, stadium)
  • Perform the blowjob in the cinema or start it while he’s driving a car.
  • Have a sleepover with your friends, and try to be quiet in the same room. Having sex in the room with other people, even when they’re asleep will give you unforgettable feelings and the level of adrenaline in your blood will reach the highest degree.
  • Having sex on the beach will be romantic and passionate at the same time. Hearing the ocean or the sea in the background at night seems like a perfect scenario.

Dear woman, remember, you’re his choice. He loves you, he wants you, and your satisfaction is very important to him. If it’s mutual you’ll do everything it takes to bring him a maximum of pleasure. Talk to him about sex. Explore the things he prefers. Find compromises in bed and don’t be shy to look like a pornstar.