Where is the G Spot Located?

Where is the G Spot Located? photo

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If diving into details, G Spot is located about 2-3 inches (5-7.5cm) inside the vagina on the anterior wall. Just in case you don’t know, the anterior wall is the side of the vagina closest to the belly. When you touch your G Spot, the feelings seem to be a bit different than touching any other part of the vagina. If the feeling is like the top of your palate in your mouth but extremely, lucky you! The G Spot is found.

In order to find your G Spot with the help of the fingers, just slide them down across your stomach, keeping the way directly to the vagina. The next you need to put 1 or 2 fingers into your vagina and just curl them backward. They should be approximately 2-3 inches deep inside. So, what you are feeling at that moment on your fingertips is your G Spot.

All women have their G Spot in the same place. However, some females just can`t figure out how to find it and begin thinking that they are not even having one.

Why It Can Be Difficult to Find Your G Spot

Probably the most important thing each woman should know about G Spot is that it is necessary to be aroused in order to find it. Not knowing this is the most frequent reason why women believe it is not possible to get their G Spot found. The deal is that if you are not feeling aroused, you are going to have difficulties finding your G Spot, the same is about getting any pleasure. For instance, you are visiting a doctor, and while the observation he touches your G Spot, be sure that you will not feel satisfaction since you are not aroused. However, if it is your partner touching it, the feelings will be pretty pleasurable.

For those who are interested why it is important to be aroused – Above the G Spot the urethral sponge is located, which contains a gland called the Skene’s gland. It produces and fills with the fluid right that time when you feel aroused. Due to this, the gland swells and expands making the G Spot more sensitive and noticed in the vagina.

3 Top Sex Positions Which Stimulate the G Spot

Once you have learnt how to find your G Spot, it is high time to get to know some positions which provide maximum stimulation to it while having sex.

  1. G Spot
    The main idea of this is to target a woman`s G Spot precisely and directly. Here, the biggest attention should be paid to the angel of a woman`s body and how deep the man goes inside. So, check how far you have to raise the hips off the ground to get more satisfaction.
  2. Crab
    This position is pretty adorable for those who like being on top during sex. The Crab also helps a lot to hit the woman`s G Spot easily and bring a lot of pleasure.
  3. Teaspooning
    For those who like to be wrapped so close by a man during sex, this position is preferable. Besides it, Teaspooning is a great way to hit the G Spot.

Now you know how to find your G Spot easily and get more satisfaction while making love with your man. There are still a lot of things you can possibly try to make your sexual life more interesting.