6 Quick Tips On How to Make a Woman Never Forget You

6 Quick Tips On How to Make a Woman Never Forget You photo

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  1. Stay patient
    In order you want to fully satisfy your woman, especially if it is about giving her oral sex, being patient is important. It would be a good idea to start everything with a gentle body massage. Then, a big attention should be paid to the clitoris. For the majority of women, the clitoris is one of the biggest factors if speaking about having an orgasm. The advice is to keep touching the clitoris and choose the motions your partner enjoys the most. You can ask your woman about it, or simply watch how her body responses to different touches. Move your tongue up and down, left and right, making a circle. You will surely find a thing that really works with her.
  2. Use your hands
    No doubt, a tongue is a perfect tool when it comes to oral sex. However, fingertips can help here too in many ways. In order to make the oral sex awesome, try to use your hands together with the tongue to stroke the clitoris or play with the labia. You can also use here some sex toys if desired. Using your hands alongside with the tongue can actually double that sort of satisfaction a woman gets from oral sex. It can also give a little rest for your mouth when you need it.
  3. Don’t forget to ask what she wants
    One of the easiest way to know what your woman wants is just to ask her about it. It will only make your partner feel awesome. In addition, your care will be appreciated. Doing what she really needs, will make her orgasm more. So, whatever she likes, just do it. It can happen that your partner will tell you to stop talking. In any case, you will know then for sure that she needs no specifications. Just do what you want.
  4. We know that the clitoris should also be taken into account. What about some other parts of the female anatomy? The labia are often forgotten. However, they are full of nerve endings which are able to bring more satisfaction to a woman during the oral sex. They are very sensitive. So, do not hesitate in case you want to go down on your woman and impress her.
  5. Stay enthusiastic
    If you are just doing it as a responsibility, your partner will definitely feel it. It can spoil the general mood of everything. For a woman, in order to access pleasure, being relaxed and confident is extremely important. If you are creating a good atmosphere, your partner will feel at ease, and the level of satisfaction will increase.
  6. Don’t always stop at the first orgasm
    What can be better than the orgasm during having an oral sex? Maybe, just two of them. The clitoris can be very sensitive after climax. So, there should be some time given for it to recover. During that time, find other erogenous zones of a woman, such as nipples. Then, you can circle the clitoris with your tongue again to give some sensuality to your partner. However, if you see that this is enough for your woman, respect her choice.