Best Anal Foreplay Ideas

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  1. Use a water-based lube
    Almost all sexologists state that it is important to prepare a quality water-based lube in advance. The deal is that it will make the process of rubbing and massaging more smooth and pleasant. In fact, lube always increases sensitivity, what is a pretty good factor for having the anal sex.
  2. Try using some sex toys in there
    It is recommended to try a vibrating anal toy with a broad head. Just put it against the anal opening and feel absolutely new sensations. It helps then to have anal sex with no obstacles.
  3. Don’t forget about buttcheeks
    Yes, the goal is the butthole. However, buttcheeks shouldn’t also remain in shadow. Some sexologists state that it is a good idea to start everything with a gentle booty massage with the help of some oils.
  4. It shouldn’t be painful
    Anal sex is for getting satisfaction. So, it shouldn’t hurt in any case. Use a lot of water-based lubricant. Stay calm and relax your muscles.
  5. Try it on your own first
    It is a good idea to try anal by yourself as a foreplay activity. Of course, it will not feel the same as doing it with your partner. Yes, it will not bring you the same feelings. However, you will then know how it feels in some ways and you will get to know if you’re into the sensation of doing this.
  6. Shower or bathtub sex can be a good idea
    When it comes to the anal sex, there are some people who are concerned a lot about the cleanliness. If so, shower or bathtub can be a good place for having anal sex. In addition, it will also help you to get relaxation and calm state of mind.
  7. Don’t rush
    Anal sex for the first time should be started with the small. To begin with, try to use fingers, tongue, or a very small sex toy. Things shouldn’t be rushed in any case in order to prevent making your partner feel pain. There shouldn’t be fast movements in there immediately.
  8. Try different positions
    Anal sex isn’t only about doggy style. There is a great number of other position to be tried. For instance, lying on your back with your hips elevated. You can try many of them until you find the one that really makes you both feel awesome.
  9. Communication is important
    In order to make all things really work well, it is recommended to talk about anal sex, especially when you are doing it for the first time. You have to be totally honest with your partner about how it feels or whether it hurt. Don’t be afraid to talk about your preferences and desires. It will only make your sex better.
  10. Some additional stimulations will work too
    Whether its Vaginal, clitoral, nipple-centric stimulation, it will add to the sensation a lot. Some women cannot come from anal stimulation alone. So, don’t hesitate to add to it something else. By the way, those women who have had anal sex, have the orgasm more frequently than those who haven`t.