Masturbation techniques that will bring your body the tons of pleasure

Masturbation techniques that will bring your body the tons of pleasure photo

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Women masturbate – it’s a well-known fact. Although we do not always feel the same persistent desire to masturbate, as men (at least not so often), women definitely feel sexual arousal as well, especially during puberty. But, we strive more for emotional satisfaction during physical ‘hand-party’.

Many women, regardless of whether they masturbate or not, feel uncomfortable and even shame when it comes to women’s masturbation. We rarely share our experience in this sphere. We are afraid that other people will judge us. However, a lot of women face the problem of not having the orgasm during sexual intercourse. According to the sexologists, masturbation is also the way to learn your body. If you don’t know what brings you a satisfaction then how is your man supposed to? Masturbation is a healthy way for women to satisfy their own sexual feelings and to learn their own sexual reactions. That’s why we have to find another way to perceive masturbation and let your body relax and enjoy the process.

Where to start from?

The most common way for women to experience the orgasm during the masturbation is a stimulation of a clitoris. Let’s start here, find some quiet room where you can relax and concentrate on your own thoughts and feelings. You can imagine a pleasant erotic situation and start touching your clitoris. The easiest way is to rub your clitoris up and down. This technique is also can be used when you give your man a blow job.

Experiment with the speed and areas

You can experiment with different stroke methods, some will enjoy the tender, slow rubbing, while the others prefer more pressing strokes. Follow your body and define the speed of movements that stimulates your clitoris the most. As you are getting aroused, your vagina is getting moisturized. You can use this lubricant to make the clitoris more ‘relaxed’. Perhaps you will have the desire to focus on other parts of your body too. Use your free hand. Massage your boobs, squeeze them, touch your nipples. Let your hands do what you always dreamed about. Let your imagination fulfill the deepest desires. Have you ever dreamed of having a sex on the shores of the sea in the moonlight? Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in this situation. There are no rules, no restrictions. If you have difficulty with a fantasy, try to read erotic novels or watch some porn films.

Use the water jet

You can get the great orgasm by directing the jet of water on the clitoris. Bathroom taps, a flexible shower hose, a shower jet in a jacuzzi bath – these things can lead you to the top of pleasure. Fill the bath with warm water. Lie on your back so that your buttocks are pointing to the side where the water tap is located. Remove the spray nozzle, direct the jet of water directly to your clitoris and to the entrance of the vagina, select the temperature and water pressure according to your feelings. It is best to start with a small pressure of water and gradually increase it. Of course, the more pressure, the stronger the stimulation will be. Many women can achieve orgasm in a few minutes with the water jet. Once you find the right position to relax – enjoy yourself.