Experiencing Female Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know

Experiencing Female Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know photo

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If you really want to have an orgasm, one of the most important tips is to feel comfortable with yourself and just let it go. It is much easier to experience orgasm alone than doing it with your partner. So, firstly, it is recommended to masturbate to orgasm by yourself. After experiencing this, get your man involved.

One more important thing that has to be taken into account is that you don’t have to rush orgasms. You should build up to it slowly and don’t rush things. It can be seen as a foreplay, for instance. A long shower or sweet bubbled bath can help you with it. Make sure to wash well, so that you feel comfortable with yourself. The key point here is to feel sexy and comfortable. Create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Having an orgasm is all about your own feelings, so do whatever makes you feel at the top of the moon.

First of all, take your time to touch and caress your body with your hands. Focus on those areas which feel the best to be stimulated. Then, lower your hands to a vagina. The clitoris is considered to be the most sensitive spot outside the vagina. So, start getting some pleasure from this point.

The clitoris helps a lot to have an orgasm for women while masturbating, the same is about having sex. The attention should also be paid to the labia, which are of the extreme sensuality too. Try to rub, press, and caress your vagina and find the most enjoyable ways for yourself.

If you get to know how to get an orgasm by yourself, there will be no problems to get it while having sex with your partner. Just on the contrary, it will be much easier. Just relax!

Mental Obstacles on the Way to Have Orgasm

  1. Stress – the most frequent reason not to get the highest level of satisfaction. It can be sometimes difficult to get aroused when your mind is full of different thoughts and problems. You need to be relaxed and concentrated only on pleasant emotions.
  2. Stressing too much about the outcome – if you are only thinking how to get the orgasm quicker and do everything for it, you will not get it though. You shouldn’t be focused so much while having sex. You have to do whatever makes you feel pleasant.
  3. Sexual Shame – it is about having some a bad sexual experience in the past. It just keeps you thinking about negative consequences and restrains you from orgasming.

3 Things to Help You with Having the Orgasm

If masturbating, you don’t have to use your hands only. There is a great number of different things you can use in order to get more satisfaction.

  1. Vibrators
    There are many of them. So, you can choose the one you like the most and use it for getting satisfaction.
  2. Dildos
    They are different in size and shape. If penetration helps you to get the orgasm, own a dildo for yourself.
  3. Fantasy
    Seems to be quite obvious. However, it really works. Your mind is also able to play some dirty games. So, don’t hesitate to use your imagination.