Processing of personal data information

GDPR – is “General Data Protection Regulation” that exists under the European Regulation. This protocol is being monthly updated.

We guarantee you that your personal information is being managed with professional care in accordance with the regulation in force. Your personal information being protected to the best extent available with regard to the hardware level of our resources. There are rigid rules in our company that lay down with personal information and under which circumstances can be handled. We strongly suggest you to read this document carefully. We formed our best effort to create the document as understandable as attainable. If you have any questions, we will gratefully clarify any term or chapter of the document.

Information about the rights you have as a data subject

Data administrator
The administrator of your personal information is the company Web No Limit s.r.o., IN. 030555078, TIN, CZ 03055078, legal address Korunni 588/4, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2, enrolled in the Business Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague Section C, File 227004

Data Protection officer (DPO) has not been assigned by the company

We do not give your information to any third country or any international organization and we will never plan to do so.

You get following privileges as a data subject:

  • To get access to your personal information that we handle as a personal information administrator pursuant to article 13, article 14 and article 15 of GDPR
  • To get adjustment or elimination of personal information pursuant to articles 16,17 of GDPR
  • To set up objections against personal information processing pursuant to article 21 of GDPR
  • Privilege to information portability pursuant to article 20 of GDPR
  • Privilege to not become a subject of automated individual decision-making, including profilling pursuant to article 22 of GDPR
  • To pull out your consent to handling at any time
  • For reminders in case of personal information data breach pursuant to article 34 of GDPR
  • To fill up a complaint with the professional supervisory authority pursuant to article 13, article 14 and article 15 of GDPR

Pull Out of Consent with personal information

If you had provided consent with personal information handling, you, as a data subject, have the proper to pull out your consent to handling at any time without any decision based on consent before its pull out.

Usage of any of your privileges listed in GDPR

Usage of your privilege must be submitted in special form sending e-mail personally at the company’s registered office with your real identity by authorized officer.