Things to Know About First Time Sex

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First of all, you should think what does virginity mean for you. The next 2 following things should be also kept in your mind: safe protected sex and the confidence of having sex with a person you trust and feel safe with.

If you are still a virgin, here are useful sex tips for your first time.

  1. Make sure that you are ready for this
    You don’t need to be involved in any sexual activity if you are not ready for it. No one can force you to do so, for instance when you partner wants. Also, don’t pay attention to what your friends and other people tell about it. Your time will come and you will feel by yourself that you are completely ready to make this step into the adult world.
  2. Think about your protection
    Before you actually get busy, decide which kind of protection will be the best. Make sure that this sexual experience is protected at all. When you know you are safe from possible disease or undesired pregnancy, you can fully enjoy the first experience without being concerned.
  3. Don’t forget about condoms
    Buy them and keep them with you even if you a woman. In order to protect yourself from possible troubles, use contraceptives and condoms all the time. Even if your partner refuses to use them, don’t change your mind. There is a great number of condoms to choose from. In addition, its usage will make your first sex even more pleasant.
  4. Choose the best position for you
    Of course, if it is your first time, you want to keep things simple and spend this time in complete closeness and intimacy. Actually, that is a correct choice. It is not recommended to shake things up immediately. Don’t worry about being perfect. Certainly, there will be moments when you will not know what to do, moments of uncertainty and weird feelings. However, that is absolutely okay. This is all about having first sexual experience. You should also pay attention to the foreplay and make sure you are lubricated enough before the penetrative sex. Actually, there exists no wrong or right position for the first sex. Just choose the one which makes you feel comfortable and natural.
  5. Remember that you can stop at any time
    It is okay to change your mind, whether before sex, during the foreplay, or even during sex. If you are worrying that your partner would be angry because of that, you have to think twice whether he/she respects you at all. Sex will never be good without respecting each other feelings and preferences.

First sex experience is unforgettable. It may also sometimes be awkward. So, it is very important to choose the right person to share this experience with. Of course, it is better not to rush things and do that with a person you really care about. It is also about a respect towards one another. In case you don’t want to regret your first sex, choose a wise and sensitive partner – and be the same in return.