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Escort: Raluca (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

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Escort ID: 1392

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Phone: 0031649864947
Age Restriction:18-70 years
Profile Type:Escort Agency
Weight:51-55 kg / 112-121 lbs
Height:171-175 cm / 5.7-5.9 in
Breast Type:Natural
Meeting With:Man
- 1 Hour160$ 1 Hour
- 2 Hours320$ 2 Hours
- Night- Night

About Raluca

Since she had been a child, Raluca was beautiful, an elegance that can your breath away and instead gives off you embarrassed by such perfection. Growing up, Raluca has won many prestigious international beauty contests, and many types of the significant photographers needed to photograph her.

Raluca, however, had definite tips on how to use her beauty future. The lady was extremely ambitious and needed to have maximum power. Money failed to interest her, Raluca’s drug is power, and she or he wanted to obtain the most power of all the man on the globe, and her stunning beauty was the good way of achieving her goals.

Raluca is beautiful, like not any other woman within the world. Her beauty is natural, pure, but all at once sophisticated. A real mix from the charming face, an ideal body, an ass tonic, and delicate legs.

Raluca is actually training to hold her perfect body and it has perfected her seduction tactics with men to receive the most out of every situation.

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