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Escort: Geanina (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

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Escort ID: 1385

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Phone: +31649864947
Age Restriction:18-70 years
Profile Type:Escort Agency
Weight:46-50 kg / 101-110 lbs
Height:171-175 cm / 5.7-5.9 in
Breast Type:Natural
Intimate Haircut:Careful Depilation
Meeting With:Man
- 1 Hour160$ 1 Hour
- 2 Hours320$ 2 Hours
- Night- Night

About Geanina

An excellent prejudice against the Amsterdam Escorts is always to consider them only as extremely precise, disagreeable and unwilling to switch their opinions, just as if these were just robots, developed to act in this particular way forever, awaiting a head unit update operating. This injury could possibly be right under certain circumstances, but its not all escorts women are like that, and Geanina is proof that prejudices is often wrong.

Geanina is a real escort woman, her skin pale as silk, her hair long and blond as golden threads, high precision in every facets of life, but while doing so the chance to improvise and also be guided by instinct. Geanina has the blood on the Valkyries within their veins, the legendary warriors of mythological sagas, celebrated by poets, philosophers, and musicians for courage and pride, and she or he is every bit courageous and proud.

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