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Escort: Aurelia (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

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Escort ID: 1389

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Phone: +31649864947
Age Restriction:18-70 years
Profile Type:Escort Agency
Weight:46-50 kg / 101-110 lbs
Height:166-170 cm / 5.5-5.7 in
Breast Type:Natural
Intimate Haircut:Full Depilation
Meeting With:Man
- 1 Hour160$ 1 Hour
- 2 Hours320$ 2 Hours
- Night- Night

About Aurelia

Aurelia spent some time working very frustrating to her body, training with innovative oriental methods together with the best diet, to acquire her stunning body, which, together with her natural talent for transgression, makes her great for all customers seeking something unique and don’t seen before.

Aurelia can dominate and be dominated, loves extreme games and situations which will hurt, sherrrd like physical contact, and a strong manly man, able to place energy and passion in every sexual relationship understanding that can definitely present her with the 100% of her love. Aurelia is the category of this Empress of transgression, is definitely the name that you’re going to remember forever only for 1 hour of passion with your ex-girlfriend because Aurelia can tell you points that you did not think existed, and that they regularly does.


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