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Escort: Karinna (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

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Escort ID: 1138

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Phone: +31649864947
Age Restriction:18-70 years
Profile Type:Escort Agency
Weight:51-55 kg / 112-121 lbs
Height:166-170 cm / 5.5-5.7 in
Breast Type:Silicon
Meeting With:Man
- 1 Hour160$ 1 Hour
- 2 Hours- 2 Hours
- Night- Night

About Karinna

Karinna is Ukrainian Amsterdam escort girl, and who represents the best of the country. Karinna is young, optimistic and active, it is just a real hurricane of happiness and passion that may make every man fall in love in the beginning glance and that can make a predicament hot with her only presence.

Karinna found its way to Amsterdam during her teenage years, as the Dutch capital was an ideal setting on her behalf to do what she’d always wanted, that is to own fun, earn money and live a life based on sex and pleasure.

Karinna has followed these wishes constantly, and her job as an escort has allowed her to become among the queens with this industry, a female who controls Amsterdam and the reference point of all of the other girls.

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