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Escort: Georgianna (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

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Escort ID: 1406

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Phone: 0031649864947
Age Restriction:18-70 years
Profile Type:Escort Agency
Weight:56-60 kg / 123-132 lbs
Height:171-175 cm / 5.7-5.9 in
Breast Type:Natural
Meeting With:Man, Woman
- 1 Hour160$ 1 Hour
- 2 Hours320$ 2 Hours
- Night- Night

About Georgianna

At the point when she was a youngster, Georgianna the delightful escort was intrigued by the on-screen characters she was viewing at the film. The things that pulled in her the most were their security, the passionate charge and the high vitality they exuded. Those ladies could truly overwhelm each man in a second, get all that they needed and consistently be served like sovereigns. The entertainers were lovely, they wore adorable garments, costly shoes, gems, the hair was great, they were style symbols, all the young ladies needed to resemble them. The impact of these delightful escort ladies made Georgianna comprehend what to do throughout everyday life. She needed to be serious, erotic, to have control over each man, to be rich and to have the option to fulfill each impulse in no time flat.

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