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Escort: Coralba Tucson (Oman, Muscat)

Coralba Tucson
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Escort ID: 1145

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Phone: +96872456984
Age Restriction:22-70 years
Profile Type:Independent
Weight:61-65 kg / 134-143 lbs
Height:176-180 cm / 5.9-5.11 in
Breast Size:4 D (19-20 cm / 7.4-7.8 in)
Breast Type:Natural
Intimate Haircut:Natural
Meeting With:Man
400$ 1 Hour450$ 1 Hour
600$ 2 Hours650$ 2 Hours
799$ Night850$ Night

About Coralba Tucson

I am Coralba Tucson a shemale with great personality, I offer amazing pleasure & companionship – tell me your fantasy and I will make a dream come true. I have perfect king size tool that you will not want to miss.


I want to make this very CLEAR! I am not for anyone to see (meaning) I carefully select and choose the clients I decide to see (i weed out the good from the bad) based on how I am approached when you call and how you speak!

WARNING: I have a STRONG personality if you do not follow my guidelines, here are some breakers for me which will result in me hanging up on you and blacklisting your number.

  1. If your able to look at my pictures and ad but cannot read my donation and you call like an idiot when I clearly have it listed in BOLD letters in my ad
  2. If you have explicit or graphic conversation will result in call termination
  3. If you call make an appointment and do not show up to your appointment
  4. If you call without at least 20-30 min

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